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    Garmin fenix3

    Garmin fénix® 3 is an uncompromising GPS sports watch designed for demanding athletes and outdated adventurers.

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    Product description

    Garmin fénix® 3 is an uncompromising GPS sports watch designed for demanding athletes and outdated adventurers. The Phoenix 3 features advanced sensors, a highly sensitive GPS / GLONASS receiver with a new EXO ™ steel antenna placed around the color Chroma display. There are also multi-sport training features, running dynamics, swimming training assessments, VO2 max calculation, navigation function, compass, barometer or daily activity monitor. In the Smart watch mode, the Fénix 3 lasts for up to 6 weeks on a single battery charge.

    Daily Activity Monitor

    Just like the Garmin Viviphite Fitness Bracelet, the Phoenix 3 Watch offers the ability to watch all-day activities. It is possible to set the target number of steps per day, track the distance traveled + number of steps, display the calories burned, including those passive. For longer sessions or other inactivity, the watch will alert you by the message on the display that it's time to get up and go. The Garmin Connect web interface then provides the ability to evaluate and compare your performance, for example, with your friends. A drawback to the bracelet is the need to recharge the watch battery after a few weeks (the winch will last for 1 year without charging).

    Appearance and design of watches

    Compared to the previous generation, Fenix ​​3 delivers a 1.2 "large, circular, color display with a resolution of 218 x 218 pixels, unlike other smart watches on the market, the display does not shine and stands out for perfect clarity in the sun.In the basic version, the watch is twenty grams lighter than the previous generation Fenix ​​2 and noticeably thinner.


    Training features

    Fenix ​​3 is one of the best equipped watches and offers a wide range of training features. These are different heart rate alarm settings, runtime, angularity, distance, power. In your watch it is possible to set up a simple interval training or a complex computer with different intervals or different alarms. It is also possible to use pre-prepared training plans for running or cycling. For individual sports, it is possible to customize the watch settings including display information. In conjunction with the heart rate sensor, after each activity, the watch will recommend the time to regenerate the body, and after each run for more than 10 minutes, calculate the VO2 max value and evaluate what result you would have spent: 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon.

    Connect IQ support
    an open platform for wearable electronics to allow developers to program applications for new Garmin watch types (alternative screens, training programs, support for other accessories ...)

    Swimming and skiing

    The Garmin Fenix ​​3 is built-in with built-in sensors and high resistance to swimming and swimming training either in the open air (using GPS) or in the swimming pool (it is necessary to specify its length). The swimming pool's watch measures skiing distance, SWOLF value, swimming effectiveness, number of shots and recognizes the swimming style for each length of the pool. It is possible to set an alarm at the distance traveled or to count swimming pools where the hands are not used during training and float only with the legs.

    For fans of winter sports, Fenix ​​3 offers downhill and downhill skiing. Thanks to the built-in barometer, the watch recognizes when you are skiing and when you are on a lift or a cable car. This gives you information about actual mileage on a slope, total descent, time, maximum and average speeds.

    Outdoor use

    The watch is equipped with a 3-axis electromagnetic compass, barometric altimeter, high-sensitivity GPS, pedometer and built-in thermometer. With the GPS turned on, the watch life is from 16 to 50 hours (depending on the GPS point setting). When the ambient pressure changes, the watch is able to alert you to the coming storm. If you really want to accurately measure the ambient temperature during your outdoor activities, we recommend using an external temperature sensor that does not affect the temperature of your body.

    Wireless connectivity

    Fenix ​​3 features the ability to connect to smart mobile phones (Android, iOS) using Bluetooth LowEnergy transmission. The watch can then display phone notifications (SMS, emails, calls) or applications (info about updates, etc.). Connecting to a mobile phone also uses the automatic sending of training sessions to the training server immediately after the activity is over. Another available feature is on-line tracker tracking tracking.

    With built-in Wi-Fi, watches are able to send training data or update software without having to switch on a computer or mobile phone.

    ANT +
    Wireless standard used mainly to connect fitness accessories such as: Pace Sensor, Cadence Sensor, Wheel Speed ​​Sensor, Pedometer, Power Meter, Temperature Sensor

    Garmin Connect

    Service Garmin Connect is a web training diary for storage, analysis and sharing of sports activities recorded watch FENIX third Garmin Connect service used by millions of users worldwide. A great advantage for Czech users is simple control, which is fully available in Czech. With Garmin Connect, you can easily track your progress over a period of time, just as you share the results you have with your friends and other users.


    • Petr
      Parádní hodinky, které skvěle vypadají a navíc vydrží až 50 hodin. Slouží jako hodinky pro každý den a díky platformě Connect IQ jsou super pomocníkem při sportu a při výpravách do přírody. Jediná zásadní věc, která mi na hodinkách chybí, je integrovaný optický senzor pro měření tepu.
      Respond 26.10.2016 | 16:31
      • Marie
        Souhlasím, navíc je možné vybírat z více designů.
        26.10.2016 | 16:33

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